The citizens of Boise are hiring a mayor in November.

Rebecca ARNOLD is the best candidate for the job

You have the power
to shape Boise's future.

Boise Regional Realtors announce Endorsement of Rebecca Arnold for Mayor

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"Rebecca arnold has done an outstanding job for 15 years as an ada county highway district commissioner and I feel strongly that rebecca would be as fine a mayor as the citizens of boise could hope for."
Better than any other candidate, Rebecca ARNOLD understands the challenges Boise faces as it continues to grow at its unprecedented pace. Challenges that can only be met by someone who understands the role, responsibility, and requirements of local government.


Opening lines of communication

For voters who want an open, honest, transparent dialog with those governing the city of Boise, mayoral candidate Rebecca ARNOLD provides a refreshing alternative to the status quo. As president of the Ada County Highway District Commission, Rebecca understands her constituents’ need for readily available avenues of communication to their elected leaders.


Fiscally conservative, socially aware, highly experienced

Rebecca ARNOLD provides the city of Boise with exactly what it needs in its mayor. She’s fiscally conservative, so she’s not only prudent in how she spends the city’s tax dollars, but she’s aware of the burden property taxes can be on the city’s citizens and works to make the wise decisions that keep them as low as possible while providing the services and facilities that make Boise one of the best places in the country to live.


The best candidate for the job

Rebecca ARNOLD understands the challenges Boise faces as it continues to grow at its unprecedented pace: making sure our property taxes are reasonable, expanding transportation needs, managing housing costs and availability, building a vibrant downtown, accommodating our new citizens while serving the ones already here, making sure our leaders hear you, and building cooperative relationships with the suburban communities that are as much a part of our citizens’ lives as Boise is.

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