"Rebecca arnold has done an outstanding job for 15 years as an ada county highway district commissioner and I feel strongly that rebecca would be as fine a mayor as the citizens of boise could hope for."


"It’s a pleasure to endorse Rebecca Arnold. A person we’ve known for years. She is a candidate who actually cares for and listens to the people she represents. Her academic skills allow her the ability to look at issues from all perspectives. Her extensive experience gives her empathy to work openly through difficult issues and provide solutions that are good for you and our community."

Roger and Vicki Cantlon, Boise

"It's time for change and I strongly support Rebecca Arnold to be the next Mayor of Boise. Rebecca doesn't think like most politicians. As an Ada County Highway District Commissioner for 16 years, she has consistently voted against increasing property taxes and constantly acts in the best interests of we taxpayers. 

Like a hawk, she watches over every line item in the budget spending. She believes in total government transparency with noting hidden from the public. Rebecca believes in citizen input and listens carefully to the citizens of Boise. Then acts accordingly. 

Rebecca is an accountant, lawyer and experienced business woman and knows how to run a tight ship. 

Rebecca has been employed by me for over eight years. I have worked with her in a wide variety of situations and I know she will be as fine a mayor as we could possibly hope for. 

Simply put, Rebecca Arnold as Boise's mayor will make our city a better place in which to live, work and watch our children and grandchildren develop to their finest potential. 

Rebecca has my vote, and hopefully she will have yours."

Owner of WH Moore Company - Winston Moore

Rebecca Arnold is clearly the best choice for Mayor of Boise. As an attorney and former certified public accountant, she has the education and experience to make the best decisions.

Rebecca has kept costs under control and fought to keep property taxes low. She is ethical, honest and dedicated to keeping our quality of life by focusing on reducing traffic congestion, investing in neighborhoods through community improvement projects, providing a safe, cost effective transportation system and avoiding raising taxes.

She has my vote!

Barb Vanderpool

BCA of Southwestern Idaho wants to say it has been a busy couple weeks of numerous candidate interviews. This year is the biggest one we have seen for mayoral and city council elections. We are proud to announce the following Candidate's we have endorsed for the upcoming local elections in Ada County. 

Congratulations and Wishin you the Best in the Up Coming Elections !! 

  • Boise

Mayor – Rebecca Arnold

City Council – Patrick Bageant, Meredith Stead, Debbie Lombard-Bloom   

BCA of Southwest Idaho


(Boise, Idaho, October 7, 2019) --- The Boise Regional Realtors (BRR) released their list of endorsements for the upcoming November 05, 2019 elections throughout the Treasure Valley. At the top of the list, for Mayor of Boise, Boise Regional Realtors endorsed Ada County Highway District president, Rebecca Arnold. 

“After careful review, the candidates we’ve chosen to endorse are uniquely qualified to lead our community through challenging growth management decisions. These candidates understand the importance of private property rights, managing growth, and the important role REALTORS® have in the local economy and community,” said Phil Mount, 2019 President of Boise Regional REALTORS®. 

Arnold’s response to the endorsement: “Thank you to the Boise Regional Realtors for your endorsement in the race for Boise Mayor. I am honored that you have placed your confidence in me. Boise’s current tax and spend policies are not sustainable for our continued success and growth. We need fiscal responsibility, transparency in the Mayor’s office, and a leader with the experience and a track record of getting the job done for Boise residents.”

BRR Director of Government Affairs, Soren Dorius, urges “Boise Regional REALTORS®, as well as the rest of the community, to get out and vote this November and support these candidates who’ve received the endorsement of local REALTORS®.”

Rebecca Arnold is the current Ada County Highway District (ACHD) President, and she is the longest serving ACHD Commissioner, first elected in 2004. If elected on November 05, 2019, Rebecca Arnold would be the first female elected Mayor of Boise.

“If elected, I will get Boise’s radical overspending back on track. We need fiscal responsibility and policies that are responsive to the people of Boise,” Arnold said.

Paid for by Rebecca ARNOLD for Mayor. Nerissa Campbell, R.N., Treasurer